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Port Chester has a long and storied history that has always embraced the American Dream: the idea that Hard work, individuality, sacrifice, and determination will bring success to your family and community. But these goals are best achieved when the community protects the very things that make it successful. A vibrant, unique, and characteristic Main Street is the most important asset to protect.

The Port Chester Historical Society embraces History in all its complexity.  Our motto is “Uncover, Share, Celebrate.”  Sometimes what History uncovers is ugly or uncomfortable and we really cannot celebrate it, but we don’t ignore it. We add the new facts to our growing picture of the past.

We are New York’s statewide nonprofit focused on investing in people and projects that champion the essential role of preservation in community revitalization, sustainable economic growth, and the protection of our historic buildings and landscapes. 


This group offers real-world solutions and public education, as well as financial resources for communities who are interested in turning their Main Streets into reliable revenue streams with local owners. 

Port Chester's remarkable history includes a number of protected buildings that designated Historic Properties under County, State, and National criteria. Protection only goes so far, however. Protected buildings can still be demolished. Learn about the ways Villages can work with the Historic Society to access funding and support.

The National Main Street Center leads a movement committed to strengthening communities through preservation-based economic development in older and historic downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts. Main Street America provides the resources Villages across America need to become award-winning destinations with Main Streets that protect and celebrate their unique historic charm.

This independent division of the National Trust for Historic Preservation provides resources for villages and business-owners interested in preserving unique or historic structures, including funding, technical assistance, and links to other valuable national resources.


Take control of your place’s financial future. Your community needs you to be an effective advocate for change. We can help you get there.

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