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Flooded with Development but not Prepared

Originally published in the Westmore News in November 2021

Port Chester is a village, but we are attracting an incredibly high level of development interest. In addition to what is already being built, this is what is currently in the works:

1 15-story building

4 12-story buildings

5 6-story buildings

Will Port Chester benefit from having all these buildings? Can we really absorb this number of cars, people, students, fire and police calls, trash, and sewage?

The Form-Based Code has re-zoned the village to an astonishing degree, but we don’t seem to have taken the steps to prepare for all this development. We don’t have a comprehensive traffic plan, let alone a comprehensive flood mitigation plan. Wouldn’t it make sense to put those together first?

There was a Flash Flood Watch in our area as I wrote this letter last Tuesday. Isn’t everyone worried about the homes and businesses of their friends and neighbors?

Peter Cole

Port Chester

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