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3d computer-generated flyover

This computer-generated 3D video uses a digital map to illustrate the existing conditions, proposed construction (as of July 2022, yes, the situation is worse now with more buildings approved), and the allowable zoning limits based on an impartial reading of the Form-Based Code as it stands today.

The flyover travels along Main Street, Port Chester, NY.

The color coding is as follows:

  • Orange is CD5, up to 8 stories

  • Purple is CD6, up to 12 stories

  • Brown is CD5W, a special waterfront zone that sets a slightly reduced height along the edge of the Byram.

The map was created with Google Maps, Google Sketchup, AutoCad, and photo editing software to render actual buildings and renderings provided by the developers.

You have two choices to watch the video. You can watch an animation here, or download the file and explore it yourself.

And an earlier animation with a voice-over from Norm Davis is on YouTube here:

And if you want to explore the 3d animation, you will need to download and install a "viewer" that is available for free, here then download the 3d file of from Norm's Dropbox folder here.

The 3D works are copyrighted by Norm Davis, Architect

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