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The Port Chester Board of Trustees
needs to hear from YOU!

Are you opposed to our tax dollars being handed to residential developers to make their projects financially sound in the name of “Industrial Development”?  That the Village uses lower than customary assessments to calculate the share of infrastructure upgrades that developers should pay for and passes the rest onto the taxpayers? The destruction of our unique and historic small-town charm?

Only the Village’s Board of Trustees has the power and authority to amend or update these rules known as the Form-Based Zoning Code – and four of the 7 Trustees need to vote in favor of any modification.

Act today! express your concern by attending the Village’s Board of Trustee meetings. You don’t need to speak – just by attending your voice will be heard

If you want to speak you can do so during the public comment period during the meeting. The meetings happen on the 1st and 3rd Monday each month. If you can’t go this week – go next week! The meetings are at 7 pm in the court-room at 350 N. Main Street

Some specific modifications that SPCA & PCMSA would like to see:

  • Define maximum building heights in stories, not feet

  • Roll back CD-6T maximum height from 15 to 12 stories

  • Reduce the maximum height along Poningo, Palace Place and lower King Street to 6 stories (from 12)

  • Increase the Fair Share Mitigation Fee for sewer overhaul and expansion (from $500K per project)


Write to the Mayor and the Trustees and tell them what you think of what is happening downtown!

Mayor Luis Marino:

Board of Trustees:

John Allen:

Juliana Alzate:

Joe Carvin:

Bart Didden:

Phil Dorazio:

Joan Grangenois-Thomas:

Planning Commission:

Curt Lavalla:

Zoning Board:

Constance Phillips:


In addition to attending and speaking at the Trustee meeting, we encourage you to reach out directly to these officials ahead of the meeting via email so that your email is part of the record.

- Sustainable Port Chester Alliance & Port Chester Main Street Association

We’ve provided sample letters, emails, and guidance on effective ways to have your voice heard

We're about to lose entire blocks of retail spaces on Main Street - sign the petition to slow things down

We need your support to  get the word out - invest in your future by giving any amount you can afford

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