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News clippings

We’ve compiled a list of recent media articles about development, preservation, and other topics related to Port Chester. Do you have content to contribute? Please send suggestions to

The Port Light, Jan 2023

The Cost of Modernizing Main Street: What The Current Developments Mean For Downtown Port Chester

Greenwich Times, Jan 2023

Port Chester's rapid development raises concern for Greenwich and NY residents: 'We don't want to be a city'

Greenwich Times, Oct 2022

As Port Chester tears down old buildings, some in neighboring Greenwich worry about overdevelopment

Greenwich Times, Nov 2021

Demolition on pause as lawsuit holds up Tarry Lighthouse project in Port Chester

Locations: 163 N. Main Street, 175 N. Main Street, 179 N. Main Street, 20 Abendroth Avenue, 20 Mill Street

Greenwich Times, July 2021

On the border: New developments in Port Chester could impact Greenwich’s Byram neighborhood


The RealDeal, Oct 2021

Ex-partners’ feud stalls $140M development in Port

Locations: 18-20 South Main Street and 21, 25 East Broadway:

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