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About Us

We are current and former Port Chester residents with a deep appreciation of the history and character of Port Chester. We are union workers and tech workers. We are architects and designers, we are lawyers and teachers.

We are engaged and learning from other community organizations that have successfully updated their Main Streets while maintaining the unique character that makes them attractive to local businesses and local tourism.

We want to preserve the character of our village by supporting developers intent on erecting new, appropriate buildings and renovating others. We don't want to turn Port Chester into a museum - as several elected leaders that are hyper-development have suggested.

We understand the financial pressure our Village is facing. We also understand that an attractive, vibrant Main Street is a real, tangible, and enduring financial asset. It is the heart of a healthy economy. Our success will ultimately be tied to how quickly we learn to value this asset before it's gone.

And we're looking for help. Drop us a line so we can discuss how you can use your special skills can contrubute to a better Port Chester.

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